Office Conference

PARC Solutions LLC was established to provide a different kind of bespoke and client focused service in the market.  We have an unique sense of pride in the work and solutions that we provide our clients.

PARC Solutions is led by Pawneet Abramowski who has over 25 years of comprehensive public and private sector experience, offering unparalleled knowledge in shaping the institution’s risk and compliance ecosystem to achieve strong business outcomes. 

PARC Solutions has a tremendous reach with a network of subject matter experts who have spent years working in the financial services industry.  Pawneet and her team offer a seamless combination of regulatory & compliance knowledge, business acumen and technology experience with special focus in transformational compliance & risk management support to provide a fully developed suite of solutions to mitigate risk and promote profitability.  

PARC Solutions also benefits from the skills and training that the team has acquired from corporate, regulatory, and risk management roles. The varied nature of the teams in-house roles, consulting and law enforcement skills as well as ability to support the diverse range of the clients from tech startups with a focus on innovation to large public corporations allows PARC Solutions to provide insightful service for our clients.