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Terms and Conditions

Accessing Site and Your Information

Your access to and use of PARC Solutions LLC ("PARC Solutions") is voluntary and is done entirely at your own risk. By accessing site PARC Solutions you accept, without limitation, the following terms, and conditions.

Gathering Information via the Web

Information regarding users visiting PARC Solutions website or pages is collected when the user voluntarily supplies this information when submitting forms on this website. Additional visitor information is collected when users access the site and browse to different pages, files and forms within our website.

Information gathered through forms available on this website differs depending on the application or purpose of the form. Whenever you submit personal information for a specific purpose, your information will be used for that purpose only. Basic user information that may be requested includes:

  • Name, address, and/or personal data

  • Name, e-mail address, and other relevant contact information to fulfill your request for more information about our products or company

User information is also captured when visitors access pages, files, and forms on the site. This data is accessed and analyzed to measure usage and identify trends. The data is also considered part of our continuous effort to improve usability and to develop Web strategies and campaigns that are tailored to our clients’ needs.

Information Sharing

In order to effectively respond to requests made via this Website, PARC Solutions may need to share information you voluntarily provided with others within our organization. However, the information you provide will never be shared, sold, or distributed to any third parties. Additionally, it will only be accessible by PARC Solutions personnel who are properly trained and supervised and have a business need for such information.

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